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Take Me Out was a short-lived primetime dating game show adaptation of the British format of the same name for which in turn is based on the original short-lived Australian dating game show Taken Out featuring thirty single women all of whom are searching for a match and one brave bachelor who must make the ultimate first impression. There are thirty single women on stage, all standing in front of their own white light podium and one single guy. The guy has three rounds to talk about his personality. If any of british dating show take me out women are still interest in him, her light will stay on, if not, she'll hit the button and she's out. If any of the lights are still on after three rounds, the bachelor will get a chance to light out the remaining ladies left until there are two left. Then decide which one of the two women he'll go out on a date. But if all thirty ladies turn off their lights, the game ends and the bachelor will go out on a date empty handed. Based on the British game show of the same name which in turn was based on the short-lived Australian game show called Taken Out.

Fresh out of university, and now Writer at Reality Titbit. The last four years of bingeing on RHOA are finally going to pay off. When I'm not watching TV or writing about it, working out, travelling, and being british dating show take me out mum to two dogs fills the rest of my time. The brand new season is set to kick off in the Spring with a whole new host of singletons looking for love. Previous series have started mid-April so season 11 should be no different with the show estimated to kick off around April 11th, However, if you want to go for it and apply for season 12, airing inthen head to ITV.

Take Me Out is an American dating game show that was broadcast on Fox. The show was hosted by George Lopez. On July 3,Fox announced that the show would be removed from its Thursday night timeslot and be relegated to Saturday nights, starting on British dating show take me out 14, to make room for Mobbed[8] but just three days later, following an increase in ratings over the previous episodes, Fox announced that the show would remain in its Thursday night timeslot. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
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An unscreened pilot episode was made for Channel 4 inbut it was ITV who picked it up for a series. The show is produced by Thames formerly Talkback Thames. The first series was recorded at Granada Studios in Manchesterbut has since been recorded at The Maidstone Studios in MaidstoneKentas it offered increased space and capacity for audience members. It did not air inbut returned in with Wright joined by new co-host Laura Jackson. The objective of the show is for a single man to british dating show take me out a date with one of thirty single women. The women stand on stage underneath thirty white lights, each with a button in front of them. A single man is then brought down on stage via the 'Love Lift' and tries to persuade the women to agree to this date in a series of rounds, playing a prerecorded video discussing his background, displaying a skill such as dancing or playing a musical instrumentor playing another video in which the man's friends or family reveal more about his virtues and philosophy.

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