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I have an old 8 inch plate of grape leaf. Has a symbol of the suns rays but no center. Is this an old 's symbol? The number 7 is marked into the clay on back also. Any help appreciated. I have a pitcher, a frog strattling a fish, that I would like to know if it dating minton pottery marks Majolica or not.

The seller did not know the maker or date, but I have identified them as Minton, circathrough www. The pattern appears to be stamped, with the colors being hand-enameled. One plate has an additional hand painted mark of two small vertical dashes with a longer vertical line to the right; dating minton pottery marks mark can also be seen as two horizontal dashes with a longer horizontal line beneath and looks somewhat like an emoticon smiley face. I am attaching a scan of one of my plates, the back mark, and a photo from replacements.

Dating pottery marks. Gien pottery. Pottery, sinceengland has been dating minton pottery marks to date. Faience trade-marks.
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